Your Dream Puzzle Parking System is Here


Multiple parking cars to the limited parking space ,save a great deal of room.

This System  is According to the size of your place, our engineer will design the suitable products for you.

  • PLC control ,easy operation,convenient parking ,IC card ,touch Screen or turn key mode are all possible .
  • 4-point suspending wire rope for driving system,stable movement ,ensure the safety of the up and down of the cars.
  • Falling-proof system which controls car standard and parking place.
  • Photoelectric security checking , automatically stop when people goes in by accident . Emergency stop push button ,avoid accident
  • High-quality steel,inside and outside thermal-galvanization,imported international

Operation Principle

  • Except the top floor ,each floor has a spare parking space and front-rear guide rails.
  • Each parking space has a pallet which moves horizontally on the guide rail.
  • The pallets on the top floor make up-down movements while the ones on the ground, floor make left-right horizontal movement, the other ones can move either left to right or up and down.
  • Through continuous space shift,parking and fetching a car can be realized.

Main specification

  • Elevating motor :2.2KW
  • Horizontal-moving motor :0.2kw
  • Elevating speed : 6.3m/min
  • Horizontal-moving speed : 7m/min
  • Noise : ≤60Db(A)
  • Max. collection time; 90s
  • Hoist or lower the drive way :roller chain,steel wire rope (optional).
  • Control way : PLC.
  • Operational type :ten keys,touch screen ,IC card (optional)
  • Power: 3N,AC,380V, 50HZ.
  • P.S. : quantity of pallets ,height of pallet and suited cars can be designed and produced as customer’s nee

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