• Simplicity of operation, economic and practical design,2 platforms for 2 and 4 cars, 3 platforms for six cars
  • Pit type stacker ,can be used in household or office building parking lot.
  • The upper and lower platforms are fixed together, ditetragon balance structure to make sure steady and safe movement.
  • The r&l side are balanced by gear and spline synchronously to ensure steady transmission
  • Driven by hydraulic cylinders directly,car in upper layer can drive in or out directly,car in below layer can drive in or out after lifting
  • Optional wave plate or diamond plate,you can choose hot galvanizing, electroplating or powder spray
  • Mold machining through the whole process so that the parts are universal and interchangeable
  • Pass 120% capacity dynamic load test and 150% capacity static load test.
  • Italian oil seal to make sure no oil leakage, inner anti-explosion valve in case of platform drop
  • Optional ultrared rays alarm device, in case of unguarded entrance


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