Based on the full consideration to the special requirements of medical institution,G RB series bed elevator realizes the convenience transport hospital beds, medical workers and some other medical equipment with optimized car structure. Its precise running speed control makes patients and workers feel comfortable and stable; It is also considered on every details about hall call box, handrail, etc., to show the humanistic care.


GRB20 series of Bed Elevator, with full consideration of the specific environment of hospitals, adopts advanced modularization computer control technology to form a high level VVVF serial communication in the control system, which provides smooth starting, braking and running, and more comfortable feeling for patients. Multiple safety property design can effectively reduce the probability of accidents, and guarantee the safety of patients with movement difficulties.

  • The intelligent control system
  • The efficient vector VVVF frequency converter
  • The dedicated artwork generator
  • The sophisticated door-motor system
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