With its full computer modularization control system, efficient and reliable and its light and sensitive VVVF drive for door operator, GRF series of Freight Elevator is able to work smoothly. With its strong car room structure and the setup of the bumper strip and photocell door, GRF series of Freight Elevator can be used for all kinds of carry freights and different kinds of architectures. The product creates a new freight concept.


GRFN Machine Roomless Freight Elevator adopts the advanced permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction technology, so that, the speed reducer becomes unnecessary and the elevator machine room plan is improved.The light weight and small size of the gearless traction machine save the construction space,which enormously improve the performance and quality of the Machine Roomless Freight Elevator and reduces the fault rate.

  • Intelligent network system
  • Photocell door protection device
  • Permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine
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