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As a well-established TURKEY lift company, we can advise on every aspect of choosing and using a range of disabled access lifts : no matter whether they are for residential or commercial purposes

From Stair lifts and step lifts through to disabled lifts and home wheelchair lits, here at VESNA : we offer a fantastic range of lifts that are both incredible versatile and easy to use. VESNA can provide an assortment of both indoor and outdoor disables access lifts to overcome any problem for the requirement of space. These lifts are designed to meet all of your accessibility needs and constitute a low maintenance access solution

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."

step disable lift

This type is for space that not available for install lift Maximum length is 5 m . its attach in railing of stair. When its not being use, its will be compact automatically.

step disable lift

This disable type , easy installation and maintenance . Its Only for 2 stop, and for wheelchair , maximum travel 5 m. Can be for indoor and outdoor